Review 2151

“That song’s not for me” is a young blog (started November 27, 2002) by a “Now I’m 28, agnostic, over the blonde thing, and possess a degree in theatre, so…I’m not sure, really.”

Hosted on Blogspot, the site runs on the simplest possible format, with no extra links or other tidbits supplied. The anonymous blogger sometimes links to other sites / info in her posts and that’s just about it. The writing is average, but it observes correct grammar and syntax, something that is not the case with innumerable bloggers.

What’s the purpose of the blog? Apparently, killing time. Things don’t seem to be working out for this She Blogger:

Losing my job last July made my life very simple.
There’s no reason to get up before noon, so I don’t.
There are many reasons to stay out all night, so I do.
I am free to float gently between aimlessness and debauchery, depression and glee; so I do.

Nothing wrong with all that, but then again it all has to do with what one makes out of daily life.

There isn’t anything substantive to recommend “That song’s not for me.” It has really nothing that could push it to a higher rung from the lower end of “average.” But, at least, it’s clean-cut and simple, a small but appropriate recommendation. One point worth mentioning here is that blogs that young usually have little to offer to a reviewer — unless the blog job is really outstanding and blows everybody’s mind from the word “go.”that song’s not for me

Review 2109

Before the contents of the page had even begun to load, I saw my worst nightmare. A background of bright, bright pink. I soon discovered that the rest of the blog was just like the background: loud and trying too hard to appear bright.

Since the only information of the blogger listed under ‘Profile’ is a picture of a clown holding a card (“SEND THE MONEY!”), there seems no way of knowing his identity. The Dr P image represented through his blogs is not flattering – he seems to enjoy making not-really-funny jokes and throwing in remarks that are supposed to be cute but which are not. A simple episode in Dr P’s life gets dragged on forever when retold by him. What with the excessive text links (meant to be humorous) and the aforementioned har-har jokes, it just gets too tiring to read. It really doesn’t help when the blogger inserts things like ‘lol’, ‘hahaha’ or ‘:)’ at various points, either.

The layout is an eyesore with its garish colors. There is a plus point to this blog, however – there are lots of fun links listed under ‘Trivia’. If you have nothing better to do and would like to, say, write to the president of the States or find out what your true Middle-Earth name is, go ahead and click.

The overall impressions I got from the blog: The blogger rambles and makes lame jokes. Inserting Editor notes everywhere is not cute. Harmless gay jokes are not cute. (Ed.- But you’re not gay!) The links aren’t that bad, though.

Blogging With Dr P…

Review 2115

I really enjoyed reading the blog entries on Ishbadiddle. I found them to be intelligent, insightful and in some cases challenged me to think. Yes really… my room is now has a smoky haze.

The entries jump around and tackle various topics: political, historical, current events, pop culture, etc. few stones are untouched. The upcoming? war with Iraq is a popular blog topic at the moment. There are numerous links to stories supporting the blog entries (to news sources like CNN etc.) so you can get your news fix if you want to. Clearly the author is an avid reader and likes to know what is going on in the world.

Digging a little deeper into the menu you’ll find movie reviews and WTF? (heh, in this case What is That Font) which shows you all the Ishbadiddle title graphics and font names which randomly cycle at the top of the page.

Overall one of the better blogs I’ve read. I highly recommend this site. I felt it was like the “60 Minutes of blogging”. Ishbadiddle is well designed and easy to navigate. This is the first site off TWR I’ve book marked. 🙂 Well done, keep writing.

Review 2038

First off I would like to say to everyone out there, not just this blog:
As beautiful as complimentary colours are in the art world, there’s something about them that just doesn’t work on web sites as a text/background combo. It hurts the eyes. Especially if the colour combo includes yellow as the font colour.
With that said, this site, upon initial impression, hurt my eyes. The purple on gold-yellow worked great. Unfortunately the majority of the typing is yellow on purple, which made this site hard to read for long stretches at a time. It’s too bad because there is a lot of writing here. But, I kept on truckin’ and this is what I had to say about our friend Jimmy’s blog.

It’s personal, very personal. To the point that I was bored fairly quickly when reading it. It’s more of a diary than anything else. A little ways into the first entry he started to talk about choice in his life (to get married or not to get married, this is the question), and explained why it was a non-option for him. This was the first interesting thing, because it was something the readers could connect and sympathize with. But then it was back to random things about his day. For me a personal blog is something that needs to be both intimate and personal to the writer (which “You Blockhead” defiantly is), but also have humor, insight or connections to the rest of the world to make it accessible and appealing to readers. Jimmy’s on his way, but just isn’t quite there yet.

He does however post incredibly photographs from time to time, which make this site worth visiting. And he has links to his other writing, such as a novel in progress and poetry, which I checked out and defiantly think you should check out too.

With some work this could be a great, must read blog. So go!go! Jimmy!!
You Blockhead

Review 2037

For my first ever review, I decided to check out a blog written by a girl named Pallas, which is pronounced as palace. The first and most noticeable thing about her blog is that the design is clean, simple and very energtic. Unlike some blogs, Pallas used a color combination that actually matches.

On to other things…Pallas personality seems to really jump out at you while reading her blog entries. She expresses herself to be a very blunt, and up front girl, who likes to have a lot of fun. She has links to several other pages that appear in the form of small pop-up windows, that are pretty sleek and easy to read, not too small. Pallas also seems to be very detailed oriented, as well as close to family and friends. She also expresses that she is a real t.v. lover too.

One last thing to note, and it was something that made for a really good feature to her blog…and that is the fact that she has a webcam, yes a webcam on her blog site. I would give this blog an 4.5 for not only it’s style but detailed and some times very cool information on her day to day activities. So, if you’re looking for a blog worth looking at and want a lot to read, get some hot chocolate, sit down and check out Pallas’ blog.babytseng