Review 3099

Let me warn you when you first click this link that you’re not going to be greeted with a blog, but rather with an RSS feed. This was a bit distracting at first as I didn’t think to check the URL type when I first clicked. However, it’s very easy to get to the blog itself by removing the “/atom.xml” from the URL. But alas! This points us to a directory rather than a blog. This review isn’t starting so good as I have to find the “blog.html” file to actually start looking at the blog.

The design is very basic, a Blogger standard, and one of my least favorites. However, I don’t see it ten times a day, and I guess that may be why this is the theme that was chosen. It’s simple grey and white with nothing much beyond the basic Blogger plugins (archives, profile area, etc.). If you scroll down all the way you can see there are a few “Sponsor Links” the author has added, but beyond that there isn’t really much.

Let’s begin on the content of this site. As the title suggests, it’s mostly targeted to those who are interested in web hosting. The posts are littered with links and not that interesting to me, since I have absolutely no interest in changing webhosts right now. Probably ninety percent of the people who already have blogs know everything that this blog has to offer. A lot of the posts are shorter, and don’t really grab any interest. It felt like I was reading notes from a computer sciences class.

If you don’t know a lot about hosting, computers, and what have you and would like a way to learn some of the basics, this blog might catch your interest. For the average reader, however, there’s just not enough to keep people coming back for more.NULL

Review 3023

Just looking at the title of this blog, it’s obvious that it’s a Christian blog. I myself am not a Christian but I’m very interested in religion and philosophy, so this gets points for that right away.

The design is a three-column layout that’s simple but full of things. There are Google ads, which is always something I frown upon. I also don’t like how every single post is shown on the first page… it takes awhile for it to scroll down and it just seems never-ending and overwhelming.

The entries are pretty good. Again, this is obviously a Christian blog, and I know some people who would definitely not be interested, but myself being agnostic and curious find it quite entertaining. As far as my opinion goes, the entries are great for the author. Not what I’d write about, but good all the same.

There happen to be a lot of extras on this blog. There are various Christian-targeted searches for songs, MP3’s, and other Christian websites, as well as plenty of links. If you’re looking for other Christian sites to go to, these extras will probably appeal to you; otherwise they’ll just appear as clutter.

In all, there are just as many things I liked about this blog as things I didn’t. The design is average, the blog is cluttered, but the entries are good. It wouldn’t be fair for me to give this blog anything other than a 3 out of 5.NULL

Review 3017

When I first arrived to this site — Oh, no… another Blogger blog. It’s not that I dislike Blogger, it’s just… well, that’s exactly it, actually. I know, some of you really like Blogger and will stand behind it no matter what, but I must stick with my dislike for it. Sorry to any Blogger fans that I may have just annoyed or even offended.

When we get to the posts on this blog, it seems very blah. This is the blog of Mark McLellan, a British Blogger (part of the Blogging Brits webring) who put his personality type in his profile.

The design of this blog is very simple, and a little bit frustrating. There are links at the top, above the blog entries, and more content below the entries as well. There’s a blogroll and a few buttons to click, and a few extra things… for the most part, nothing special.

As far as extras go this site is empty. There’s the TTLB ecosystem description and the links to places that this blog is linked, and a Blogger profile (which comes standard on all Blogger templates, let me remind you) but other than that, you aren’t really going to find anything interesting.

While this isn’t a bad blog, it could definitely use some work. If the author took some time to make the template look better and make the posts more interesting, this could easily be a good blog, but until then it’s going to get stuck with a 2.NULL

Review 3030

An Acne Care and Treatment weblog isn’t normally something I would find myself reading for pleasure. With the opportunity to review it, though, I thought I might end up learning a few things. I can definitely say I did.

This weblog starts off its posting history in September 2005, with a post describing just why this blog is here “helping you find a solution to clearing up your annoying acne”. The author/authors of this site are very consistent in posting and do a fine job of posting information on acne.

The posts cover so many different acne-related topics. Readers can find information on different potential cures and prevention tactics for acne, how adolescents can work towards facing acne, and absolutely anything else acne-related. A big part in an informational weblog such as this one is the credibility of the posts. The author not only posts the pertinent information in each post, but also provides a link at the end of the post where readers can continue reading on the subject.

The site is updated using WordPress, and the template is a default WordPress template. IT lists the archives on the side by the month, but also by topic, which is a helpful way of sorting them with this type of weblog. Also useful in a weblog that’s full of so much information is the search tool, which searches the entire site for exactly the information a reader could need.

With the popularity of blogging growing every day, it’s no surprise that there’s even a weblog being written about Acne Care and Acne Treatment Information. With such a defined topic of blogging, this type of site won’t capture the interest of just every random blog reader. That being said, if acne care and treatment information is something that you find interesting or would like to learn more about, this is definitely the spot to do it

Review 3027

When I visited this blog I thought I’d find some funny baby/toddler stories, after all it’s a catchy title. I was disappointed right away when I saw the most recent post was from September ’05. This blogger hasn’t really updated with any new posts for more than a month. When I looked through the archives it was clear, she was a sporadic blogger. There also wasn’t much info on the author herself. There wasn’t a link to her profile, no clue where she lives or what part of the country she resides or even what country she’s in. Basically the only info you see is that this blog is written by a mom with two kids. For me, that loses my interest right away because no personal connection can be made to the author.

The posts are generally all alike, random bits of info about toddler happenings. The posts are not very long and there isn’t enough information to keep the readers interest. I was a little disappointed when searching through the archives because the posts were sporadic and never really followed any sort of pattern.

The design of the blog is simple, just a plain template provided by blogger. There were no links or extras provided, just a few archives with a few posts in each.

I gave this blog a low rating because I wouldn’t recommend this blog a visit. The blog really doesn’t offer much to keep a reader interested.