Review 2121

Hmm! Instead of filling daily entries with the typical blog stuff this site is geared towards people interested in WISPs and ISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers, the people who provide your internet access). Clearly if you are among the target audience this is an excellent resource.

The site offers many great services. In addition to being able to read and comment on the daily blogs the site has the option of e-mailing the daily entries to you and it appears more services will be coming soon.

WISP Directory allows people interested in signing up with a WISP or ISP to search for a local service provider and browse through descriptions of each business. Providers themselves can enter free or premium ads. It seems like a great service for both client and business.

The site is simple in design and in spite of the annoying banner ads is each to use. For the sheer volume of content and usefulness, this site scores well. An ISP and WISP gem.

WISP Directory industry related news

Review 2102

Blog+Master+Series, a subtitle it seems to “Big Gun, Just Ducky, Version 08,” is a humor site with all the fixing’s. Sure to bring in a fan-base of limited but loyal regulars, this web log is just the cure for anyone suffering from too much depth and complexity. There’s nothing complex about this site or the writing found here which isn’t an insult by any means.

The design is simplistic, and yes, humorous. A few tables, a few images, and baddabing+baddaboom, you got a ducky site that’ll probably make some kids somewhere laugh. And I think that’s the ultimate purpose of this design.

The author, Ozzy DaiOtaku, has a ‘corky’ sense of humor that I find more disturbing at times than funny, but for all purposes of a humor blog, his taste is respectable because of its originality and consistency. It has all the tricks and gimmicks that come a long with every single funny-blog out there while also encompassing what it means to be Ozzy DaiOtaku.

Was I overly impressed? Not really. But surely for any humor blog I’ve seen that have matched the standard that Ozzy has set with this one, I’ve seen a 100 more which falter in its shadow.

This web-log received a 4.0 because in the humor category, it’s a 4 … somewhat original, a little crazy, and without regrets. Just my kind of site … >=)Blog+Master+Series

Review 2107

Written by Codelust, “Meticulously Underthought” is a whirlwind of bold philosophy and passionate keyboard love. Written like a novel, this web log is undeniably the best I’ve ever read. You get a sense that this writer must write professionally — as the design and structure of every single entry is, well, meticulously drawn and executed. I am in awe at the originality and relentlessness that is present in this web log.

Although the blog design is standard and without any tricks or elaborate features, this is considerably overshadowed by the content.

The entries range from the very deep and sophisticated to a simple discussion about ‘the everyday’ leaving readers with multiple flavors of the one taste that is this writer’s vision.

While some of the entries seem too discrete to possibly unravel, these same entries leave much room for interpretation which I find truly admirable and unparalleled in the world of web logs.

To attempt to offer any suggestions would simply reveal my ignorance — as this author has far surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced in my adventures through the usual doldrums that is the blog world.

This web log is simply, ingenious.Meticulously Underthought

Review 1637

My first impression of …In Quiet Desperation: low key. This journal is a standard three column template Blogspot site. There’s not much going on with the design to help form a first impression. It’s a quiet design. Maybe that’s the point.

Josh [the author of …In Quiet Desperation] is a theatric writer. And it makes sense – he’s a theatre major. The grammar and spelling is a little off from time to time, but overall the writing is good. The journal is almost purely about Josh’s daily existence. Every now and again, there is some reference to current events or news of some type, but mostly it’s Josh doing school work, watching movies, and talking about the performances of his friends on stage.

The template design doesn’t say much. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. It’s functional. Most of the problems I have with the template are matters of my personal preference, but could be fixed easily. The links to archived entries open in a new window, which [for me] gets really annoying. In addition, the journal has a super tiny font for the body and that makes it very difficult to read.

I heartily recommend that Josh add an About Me page or add a 100 Things page. Even having read his entire journal, I don’t feel like I got a real sense of who he is. Josh refers to stories he’s written, but the reader never gets to read the stories. A section that links to Josh’s short stories would be a great addition to …In Quiet Desperation, especially since he was referred to as “a genius” after someone read one of them.

…In Quiet Desperation is not a journal I would visit every day, but it’s worth a read.
. . . In Quiet Desperation

Review 1574

The layout of this site is absolutely gorgeous. I love the light blue background, and the pink flower that just hits you right in the face – in a good way – as you load the page. The same flower is used for buttons on the navigation portion of the site. And I also loved the font Shannon uses for the title. Layout? Good. Very good. The only slight issue I had with the physical appearance of the site was the fact that viewing it on anything less than 1027×768 doesn’t give you the whole view of the layout.

I read through months and months of the archives, hoping to find some writing as wonderful as the layout. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Don’t get me wrong – Shannon fulfills her personal purpose of her weblog, which is just to keep people informed about her life and to have some place to type out or vent her feelings. This is certainly a site where you can really get to know the author since the weblog is that of such a personal nature.

The writing style that Shannon uses is easy to follow. It’s a simple style, and it’s one that’s almost as if you’re just reading a letter or note to a friend or family member about what’s going on with Shannon, and those involved with her daily life.

This is a good weblog for someone to bookmark if you’re looking to perhaps find someone you have things in common with and enjoy catching up on each others lives via a weblog-format.Footsteps