Tore Hogstvedt’s Norwegian Expressionism

Here at The Weblog Review we’re sometimes asked to review sites that are an absolute pleasure to explore, and site of Norwegian artist Tore Hogstvedt is certainly an example of this. Tore has created a simple site to showcase his art, from oil paintings, Impressionism, pastels, to lithography, and tell the world about upcoming exhibitions that he has, as well as to give a little background about him personally.

Mr. Hogstvedt appears to me to be a very gifted artist, and through much of this simple, relatively new website he lets his art do the talking. If you are a fan of Impressionism especially, you really should take a look at this blog. The subject matter of most of Tore’s paintings are natural outdoor Scandinavian scenes, from every season of the year, and usually feature water i.e. really spectacular river and lake-side settings.

As you might expect Tore Hogstvedt’s blog is loaded with JPEG images of his art as well as his art studio. Click on any of the JPEG’s and you can get a very close inspection of the wonderful detail in his paintings. He seems to have a real talent for painting moving water, as the effect is almost photorealistic. The pastoral settings induce calm upon the viewer, and I’d have to say that I’d like to see more!

Tore’s blog is an example of how an artist or craftsman can use blogging technology to let the world know of his or her talents. By the looks of Tore’s abilities, as well as the press he receives and the galleries which show his work (as evidenced by links to it all on the sidebar) it appears to me that he has solidly established himself in the art world, but we who might never have heard of him otherwise are fortunate to easily be able to take a look at his artwork.

Remember that offers free blogging software, so with it there’s no need to register your own domain name or pay for hosting. Tore may very well be tech-savvy, but with he doesn’t have to be.

His site reminds us that for creative people who simply want to get the word out about the work they are doing, the blog format holds enormous benefits. We see time and time again how blogging empowers those who might never have had a way to be heard-or seen-before to communicate their labors, and even form a foundation for marketing their work. No one would begrudge artists the ability to make a living from their talents, and by displaying their art online people like Tore Hogstvedt are aided in this noble goal, via websites that are in themselves art.

Do take a look at this site, and enjoy Tore Hogstvedt’s wonderful paintings.NULL

Friko’s Musings Literary Website

When someone who is sensitive and literate pours thoughtful commentary about their myriad interests into a blog, the reader is fortunate to encounter a website that can be every bit as multifaceted as the creator of the site. Friko’s Musings is just this sort of blog, and an example of how the blog form gives voice to people who, while possibly without having been published in the traditional sense, deserve a platform from which they might share their musings with the world. The world is a better place for it.t

Friko is especially interested in poetry and literature and the blog is sprinkled with short stories, character sketches and snippets of original poetry reflecting this. Human nature, history and gardening are also areas that favored by the author, and covered extensively on the site. Reading through the posts on the blog feels like a dialogue with a new friend whose interests lie in almost any subject under the sun. People such as this and conversations one has with them are often exhilarating simply for the broad range of subjects into which one might potentially delve on any given day. It’s a reason to bookmark Friko’s Musings or put it into your RSS feed reader.

Friko is originally from Germany but has lived in the UK for decades, and is apparently based in a gorgeous part of the English countryside. Another of the site’s high points are the photographs of her natural surroundings, and the glimpses of nature provide wonderful counterpoint to the wide scope of the blog posts.

Friko’s Musings is a blogspot blog, and if you have ever wondered just how personalized a site created with this popular, free blogging platform can be, take a look at this site. Friko’s blog is a clearly labor of love, and is proof that the more of yourself you pour into your site, the less relevant the software with which you choose to create is. If you enjoy commentary on poetry and literature in the context of well-written glimpses of life in rural England, you should give this blog a look. You might very well find a kindred spirit in Friko and for many people this site will be worthy of regular visits.Friko’s Musings

Crystal and Glass Ecommerce Site

We are seeing more and more business websites move away from boring, static HTML formats that rely on nothing more than a couple of images to compel prospective customers to purchase products from the site. Today’s website review is about a business that has done an exemplary job of presenting its business and the products it sells-in this case crystal awards and crystal trophies-in such a way that is bound to increase conversions even from casual visitors to the website.

Whether you are a business owner or an office manager, you’re well aware that giving employees periodic gifts in the form of desktop awards is a great way to increase overall employee morale and also improve worker productivity. Over the past few decades one of the most popular types of awards given to employees in office environments are gorgeous crystal trophies, and glass awards created from expertly cut, exquisitely shaped glass. If you’re looking for a company that sells exactly this form of office awards consider the range of first-rate crystal and glass awards offered by

Even if you are not sure what crystal trophies would be appropriate to purchase for your next employee award presentation or corporate/business recognition event, go take a look at the site and peruse the offerings of crystal awards, class awards, custom awards, globe awards, star shaped towards, eco-friendly awards, acrylic awards, marble awards and many more. You’re sure to find something appropriate and you’ll feel great giving a gorgeous crystal award to a deserving employee. And if you are looking for ideas as to presentation for your e-commerce site, you’re sure to find plenty of ideas too.

Khan Academy

In the old days, I mean before the Internet, “education” meant formal education that you had to go somewhere to get, from a teacher whose interest and expertise in a subject and in teaching per se, might be limited. Education was restricted to those who lived in a country where it was either provided for free or affordable. Even if you did go to school, learning about a subject required that you have books on it.

Those days are over. Today I’ll share with you a website review that was a pleasure to do. Almost lost in the explosion of information about celebrities that you don’t really care about, and the ability to argue politics ad nauseum with people all over the world, is a breathtaking fundamental change in access to basic education. is a site that is a perfect example of how the Internet makes high-quality self-education possible, for free. Among other things, it’s a profound opportunity for individuals to empower themselves, and potentially change their lives.

Sal Khan has created a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to provide free education to everybody, everywhere. The concept couldn’t be simpler. The homepage consists of links to hundreds of short videos, hosted on YouTube, that are mostly mathematics- and science-related. Khan has a Masters in electrical engineering and computer science as well as a BS in math from MIT, in addition to an MBA from Harvard business school. In addition to this first-class educational pedigree though, he has a gift for clarity in his presentation of subjects that are often considered quite difficult.

One could start with basic arithmetic, move from pre-algebra to algebra, into statistics and trigonometry, pre-calculus , calculus and right into differential equations and linear algebra! I watched a video on his introduction to limits, and his style is conversational and very casually pedantic. The sections of the site devoted to chemistry, physics and biology are quite comprehensive as well, and there is also a section on economics, banking and finance.

It is hard to know how many young people in Western countries will break away from their video games long enough to immerse themselves in these videos, and after all they will encounter most of this knowledge as they go to school anyway. Oftentimes though, having an additional source of education beyond the teacher and textbook you are assigned in middle school and high school can be an invaluable way to “get” a subject with which you’re having trouble. Khan Academy is a perfect place to point a young person for a clear, short explanation of hundreds of concepts. In fact, part of the brilliance of this site is the way the lessons are broken into such short chunks. Rather than being overwhelmed by an hour of pre-calculus, one can know that they made progress in understanding a complex subject after a video tutorial that lasted less than 10 minutes.

On the subject of universal access to education, it is true that knowledge of English would be required to benefit from these wonderful educational videos (one wonders if offerings in other languages is coming), and obviously Internet access is also required. Still, it potentially opens the world of knowledge to people in places who do not have a teacher of these subjects near them, available at any time.

Even if differential equations and all the other subjects do not interest you at all, it is nice to know that there are young people in the world with a thirst for knowledge that can be quenched by a site like this, for free. Having an educated population pays profound dividends in the long run, and it’s exciting to think of the changes that people who might not have received much of an education may make in their own lives, and to improve their countries and the planet. Blog reviews and website reviews aren’t always about ‘fun’ sites; is a worthy site I just had to review.

Retail Product Review Website

Jenny Reviews offers comprehensive reviews of an incredible range of products from all over the Internet, with emphasis on personal care products, home improvement needs, kitchen appliances and really almost everything under the sun.

I recommend paying a visit to this site if you’re looking for reviews outside of the usual style opinions, as many of reviews are longer and seem to me to be more detail oriented. The value of a site like this lies in the “one-stop shopping” nature of the information it offers. It certainly seems worth a bookmark for the value it will have in getting you a quick way to check products you’ll be interested in buying in the future.

If you would like to submit your own review for a product it’s quite easy to do so on Jenny Reviews, through the one-page free submit form that is very easy to navigate. This site now benefits from a long history of detailed reviews so that most items that a person would be interested in purchasing would probably have a review associated with them on this site.

Jenny Reviews is an example of the increasingly popular category of websites and blogs that utilize so-called “user generated content” to showcase a broad range of opinions on different subjects, in this case primarily retail products. It’s easy to imagine the value of dozens of reviews on particular e-cigarettes or an obscure kind of personal hair removal system; most likely it will be all the info you need on the product.

This site proves that an attractive, commercially effective website does not have to limit itself to a strict blog format using WordPress, that there is in fact still room for completely original web designs that are attractive and eye-catching.

If you are searching for reviews of niche retail products outside of the places you normally look, take a look at the Jenny Reviews website, for original opinions that will help you come to a decision as to whether spending your hard-earned cash on a product is a good idea.