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Flashpack At Forty

Flashpack at Forty is exactly the kind of website we love to review here at The Weblog Review. It is a product of the personal passion and lifestyle of its two writers--Craig and John--namely traveling around the world on a budget at an age when most people have settled into a slower pace and just a few weeks of vacation each year.

There are dozens of travel stories on the site, dating back to December of 2009, and I would defy anyone to read a few of them without beginning to wonder just how possible it would be to hit the road themselves. Even if you're an armchair traveler however, a site like Flashpack at Forty is terrific for getting a feel for self-guided travel nowadays, and how you don't have to be wealthy to explore the globe.

The tone of the writing is frank and humorous, with Craig and John being unafraid to share both the high points as well as the annoyances that come with seat-of-the-pants travel. These are real life adventures, and I found it refreshing and interesting to read of unexpected little travel tidbits such as the difficulty one should expect when trying to find a Japanese ATM that will dispense cash if you have a non-Japanese bank card!

One of the best things about Flashpack at Forty is the really outstanding photography on the site, accessible from a link to the image gallery in the navigation bar. The best websites today tell stories using more than just the written word, and the subject matter of the site is well-served by the photos one will find on it. In addition, the site is further proof of just how versatile and compelling the WordPress platform can be for people who are more interested in communicating than they are getting too bogged down in technology.

Flashpack at Forty is an interesting look at at the sort of traveling most people will never be lucky enough (or, brave enough?) to do, and if you have ever wondered what it would be like to see all the places you dreamed of as a child, no matter what age you are, I would recommend giving this terrific site a look.

This site was reviewed on 2012-05-13 by TomM.
They felt this site belonged in the Travel category.
TomM felt that Flashpack At Forty deserved a rating of 5.

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