Review 686

A laugh from beginning to end, and I mean that in a good way, although the “email me, bitch” was a bit of a turn off. I didn’t email because I am a bitch.

Overall design of the site is boring. Your basic black background with white text and a little red and some baby ducks for fun.

The tone of the site is consistant through of his posts, beginning in July.

I thought some of them were very funny, and some were a bore, just like anyone’s life at that age. I can picture Mr. Clean looking like a “really buff Santa”, as he describes in a post in August. I hope he gets his ’73 Nova.

One entry in particular had me in stitches,

“Mom: Tyler, vacuum up the dead flies on your window sill

Me: No, I’m keeping them there

Mom: Why?

Me: They’re a warning to the other flies

Mom: It’s disgusting

Me: But you don’t see any new flies now do you?

Mom: Tyler, don’t argue with me, vacuum up the flies

Me: But then more will come and I will have to vacuum them too. When will the killing end?

Mom: Vacuum your window or you can’t drive in december.

Me: … I’ll vacuum the window… vacuum it good…

and I sure did.”.

Sometimes sick, sometimes gross, often funny, Tyler’s blog is not your run of the mill teen blog, but is filled with humor.

Either that, or he’s a psycho.

The never-ending ever-lasting party in my pants

Review 685

Generally I hate to be forwarded to another page when I visit a site, but the graphic I was directed to was worth it this time. The Zen attitude of the graphic set the tone for the entire site.

Before I checked out the blog, I immediately clicked on “girl” to see what I could find out about the author. I found a very detailed and thoughtful entry about Ren and what she looks like, what she does all day, and how she got to this spot in life.

I must go easy on her blog though, she might hunt me down and slap me around like she does those who steal her graphics.

Basically, this is the blog of a 22 year old unemployed lady who does good web design and is pretty funny if you read her posts to her blog. She has only been blogging for a few weeks, and doesn’t blog daily yet, as she thinks nobody is reading it. But…we are.

Her site design is very good. All the links work, and the design is cohesive overall. Nice quiet background color and Zen-like feel to the site.

I had empathy for Ren and plan to return to visit her site again. I almost broke down and bought her the webcam…


Review 683

The first thing I noticed after the shocking pink background was that Morrie Schwartz had misspelled “twenty” in the quote on the header. Or someone else did and blamed it on poor Morrie.

All of the regular angst of a normal teen blog, but the reading is easy, and no threats of suicide or matricide. As a mother, it helps to read these blogs, since my own child is now 15…and a half.

I liked the entries about driving, and school grades. I hope she made better than a “C” in Biology.

I didn’t mind the shocking pink background as it somehow seemed fitting for a teenaged girl. Her external links are mainly to other teen sites, and suit the structure of her own site. Especially good is the link to her website at Angelfire. At that site, I laughed hard at the “Interview with Myself” entry. Included at that site are some original drawings and photographs and some other links that are of interest.

All in all an interesting site to visit, with decent entries in her weblog and a site that carries itself well. Kristen Joy seems to be a perfectly normal teenaged girl, with all the worries and joys a teenaged girl should have.

Kristen Joy’s Mind Expansion

Review 683

When I saw that the writer of this weblog is a 16-year-old girl, the first thing I thought was “Oh no, another morbid creature who thinks she has all the answers.” I was happily surprised to find out that, although a lot of her posts deal with depression, sadness and teen angst, she also has a sense of humor, well thought out opinions on a variety of topics and a strong sense of who she is — or who she’s trying to be.

Interspersed among her posts are her original poems, and she’s quite talented. There’s a link to her personal web site, which not only has lists of her likes and dislikes, but samples of her art, photography and more, including a “Pay It Forward” page.

Her layout is simple and easy to navigate, which added to the surprisingly good experience I had at this site.

I think this weblog will appeal mostly to teen-age girls, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone else to stop by and have a look to remember what it was like to be 16. It’s simply a good read, no matter what your age.Kristen Joy’s Mind Expansion

Review 682

This weblog took me a while to figure out what exactly was going on. I read every article, one by one, and still was confused. Granted, every article for the most part was about the new war on terror, but I couldn’t figure out the purpose of the weblog other than to post news and what not.

So after reading everything, I look around the site for something else, which there isn’t. I was disappointed in the fact that there were no other pages than the weblog. I really wanted an about type page to be honest. Even the first post left me clueless. I don’t know if it was because of an archive problem or if it just started as if it had been going on for a while.

The posts about the news are very interesting. A lot of political views are thrown into the mix, which makes it even more interesting.

This confused me at first, but finally I realized what was going on. The weblog is a very good read if you are looking for news that isn’t quite so mediaized.

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