Review 683

The first thing I noticed after the shocking pink background was that Morrie Schwartz had misspelled “twenty” in the quote on the header. Or someone else did and blamed it on poor Morrie.

All of the regular angst of a normal teen blog, but the reading is easy, and no threats of suicide or matricide. As a mother, it helps to read these blogs, since my own child is now 15…and a half.

I liked the entries about driving, and school grades. I hope she made better than a “C” in Biology.

I didn’t mind the shocking pink background as it somehow seemed fitting for a teenaged girl. Her external links are mainly to other teen sites, and suit the structure of her own site. Especially good is the link to her website at Angelfire. At that site, I laughed hard at the “Interview with Myself” entry. Included at that site are some original drawings and photographs and some other links that are of interest.

All in all an interesting site to visit, with decent entries in her weblog and a site that carries itself well. Kristen Joy seems to be a perfectly normal teenaged girl, with all the worries and joys a teenaged girl should have.

Kristen Joy’s Mind Expansion