Review 351

Kory Mohr, the primary (if not sole) contributor to Frontier Broadband’s Fixed Wireless News has used Pyra’s Blogger to not only enhance Frontier Broadband’s business site, but to provide timely technical information, as well. This creative and highly practical use of the weblog format will assuredly be welcomed by readers who have an unquenchable thirst for technical knowledge, particulary in the field of broadband innovations.

Casual readers and those searching for entertainment and/or personal insight need not bother with Frontier Broadband’s weblog, as the blog is targeted only at those with an interest in computer service technologies. This is a true specialized news site; updated often and with timely, well-chosen links. The layout is clean and spare, highly utilitarian and complimentary to its content. In fact, Frontier Broadband’s entire site is professional, as well it should be given the nature of the company’s business.

Compared to the typical weblog, Frontier Broadband’s Fixed Wireless News may seem dull and it’s content may be perceived as overwhelmingly technical. However, the reader should bear in mind that this is not a typical blog but a news source for a specific field. With this in mind, Frontier Broadband earns a high rating for both its content and style.Frontier Broadband fixed wireless news