Review 3354

DemWork is just what I suspected upon seeing the title of it. It’s a place where the author will be, as I read in the about section of the site, “posting all of the jobs from the Senate and House job lists, typically with the name of the office. Plus, I’ll have a number of other jobs that I come across as a Hill staffer.”

It’s hard to call a site like this a blog. However, since Wikipedia says the definition of a blog is a “website where entries are written in chronological order and displayed in reverse chronological order”, DemWork definitely qualifies.

DemWork is a very well laid out and easy to navigate site. The simple white background and black text thrown together in a three-column layout function perfectly together for this site. The author has made it a point to make it easy for readers to add the site to any possible RSS reader they might be using. There’s also a search box, which is pretty standard on a blog layout, but it would come in especially handy on this site if someone were looking for a specific job.

In late May of this year, the author decides to expand the site from just available job descriptions to the occasional article as well. There haven’t been any articles posted yet, but it is a nice addition to the site. It’s a great supplement for the target audience for this site.

This site does not pertain to me one single bit. While I love politics and follow them closely, I have no desire to work in the field. Despite that, I found this site to be a great addition to the blog world. As an outsider, I thought the descriptions and qualifications listed under the jobs was quite captivating. I’m not even sure why, but it was!

Yes, this blog is geared towards a specific audience and that audience does not include the majority of blog readers. However, people that will find this site useful will be very pleased with this relatively new site.NULL

Review 3341

It is very hard not smile when you hear the name Team Boobylicious. There are no bad words in that title. Being that this is listed in the non profit category I assumed this was for some charity event. Oh who am I kidding?

I have been following Team Boobylicious in some way over the past 3 years. This year, I just happen to be following them on their own blog. Team Boobylicious is a team of women and men who will be participating in the 3-Day Walk in Minneapolis. This year the twin cities walk takes place August 24-26, 2007.

For those of you who are unaware of what the 3 day is about here is a brief run down. A lot of people around the country on different weekends will assemble and walk 60 miles. The entire purpose is to raise money for and awareness about breast cancer. I am sure by now we all either know someone who has had a form of cancer or know someone else who knows someone. This is probably one of the largest fund raising events of its kind.

As I said, I have been following their progress for a while now and this year I have the benefit of a website. Team Boobylicious is not your average run of the mill fund raiser. They start out raising money all the way back as far as December with making christmas cookies that you can buy. Then in February they get on the truffle making machine and that just starts the ball rolling. This year they have had trivia night with some seriously awesome prizes being donated to give away. And I am sure there is more to come.

As of writing this, the 1418 members have raised over $9,600. I know each team member has their own goals and what not, but that still is an impressive number considering how far out they still are. There will be plenty of events that Team Boobylicious will be holding between now and then, but if you just feel like donating to help them out you can here.

Each year I make a contribution and this year is no different. In fact I am issuing a challenge to the readers of The Weblog Review. For each person that donates to our own resident Wendy’s goal between now and July 31st, I will donate an extra $5 per person up to an additional $200. All you have to do is forward me your donation email and I will make an extra donation this year. If we get more than 40 people from here who donate, you will probably inspire me to donate more so please, help a wonderful cause out.NULL

Review 3337

When I saw “Cruise Line Critic” on the list of sites to be reviewed, I jumped right on it. Having been on my first cruise just over a month ago, I can’t get enough of anything cruise related.

The layout of the site could improve. It’s a standard two-column layout, which is easy to navigate as always. The white text on the blue background made my eyes cross a couple of times, but the font size is large enough that I didn’t have to squint when reading. There’s not a lot in the way of extra design-related bells and whistles to talk about – it’s a very straight-forward design. The biggest part of the sidebar? Lists and lists of Google Ads.

Instead of actually being a Cruise Line Critic like the name implies, the creator of this site has just copied and pasted different cruise-related articles from other sources on the ‘net. The articles are very general and vague. A perfect audience for this blog would be people that are somewhat interested in a cruise, but don’t have any idea what to expect or how they work.

The site only rolled out last month, so I’m hoping that over time, the author can put together some more original writing and actually have some critiques about particular cruise lines or cruise destinations. It would fit the name of blog quite a bit better.

Cruises are so popular right now. This blog has the opportunity to really take advantage of it with the type of blog they have. Unfortunately, they failed to do so.