Review 3529

Mandarin Consulting is a a website devoted to the problem of acid reflux, billing itself as “your health consultant” in this area. There are dozens of articles on this increasingly common health problem and though I personally do not suffer from it, I frankly found it very informative as I read several acid reflux treatment articles.

The website has several articles on the causes and symptoms of acid reflux, and covers different medicines one can use to attack the problem, with an emphasis on natural treatments for the ailment. I had no idea for instance that apple cider vinegar could be used to cure or at least treat this disease, and I certainly never would’ve guessed that there was such a thing as an acid reflux pillow, which helps sufferers by elevating their head several inches above the bed so that stomach acids do not drift the wrong way up the esophagus.

As you might expect there are several articles on foods that cause acid reflux and foods that can lessen the severity of its symptoms. Related articles have information on reflux when one is pregnant and even information on the ailment in infants.

As you might expect from a blog or website that only wants to pass along information on a specific health problem, the design of this site doesn’t aim to be too flashy. The information is clearly presented, with many articles featured on the sidebar so that someone looking for more information can easily get started learning about acid reflux.

Mandarin Consulting is a site that does a good job as it attempts to give comprehensive information on one fairly narrow field in the name of helping people explore their options is they suffer from this disease. No website can ever take the place of a visit to your doctor of course, but I’d certainly recommend taking a look at it if you have chronic, recurring heartburn.NULL