Review 3208

I liked the banner of this site when I saw it. It was nice. But after reading a couple of entries, I really could find much to say about it. It was just another personal blog.

As I’ve said, this was a personal blog recounting how our author’s day went. It just seemed… dry. Don’t take me wrong, journals are wonderful things to have but if you’re trying to get the public to bite, well, you need a little… more. More of everything. More controversy, more opinions, more ideas. Maybe the author just meant for this blog to be an online diary. I don’t know. If that’s what the author wanted, well, I’d have to say good job. It’s a good journal. Just like the rest of the other hundred thousand out there.

Something that did surprise me was the mix of languages in the entries. They were mostly written in English, but, here and there, there were Tagalog (Filipino) words to be found. I guess it was a coincidence that I reviewed this site since I also know how to speak that language. But it did bother me. I am not a big fan of combining languages. I mean, if I spoke English exclusively, or merely didn’t speak Tagalog, I would be confused. But as I’ve said, it could just be a personal journal for the author.

The layout was nice. I mea, it was something that I don’t really see often. The separate mini-window for the side section and the entries are pretty cool. Good job on that.

I have to say that it was kinda nice reading the entries because I was familiar not only with the language, but also the scenes he was talking about. It brought out a big of nostalgia. But other than that, there wasn’t much of anything to find there. Go visit it sometime, maybe it’ll be something you’ll find interesting.NULL