Review 678

I was impressed at how quickly this blog page loaded. At first impression I thought it would be about a teenage girl, with short posts but good HTML skills.

The posts in this blog, were mostly short and I didn’t understand what the writer was talking about half the time. The writer of this blog is a 20-year-old woman who is un-employed. It took me ages to find her profile as the only link to it was in one of her posts. I think this blog lacks information and links. I also didn’t know her favourite band called Mathew Good band. I guess being an Australian and not knowing any of the bands the writer talked about bored me. She often talked about the Jerry Springer show and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

The design of this blog was fantastic! It was really neat and tidy and the images loaded very quickly. It has a fresh, autumn look about it, which is really nice.

Basically I don’t recommend this blog if you do not have an interest in the celebrities that the writer does. She doesn’t really reveal much about herself or her life but as I said if you are a fan of Mathew Good Band or any of the other things she is interested you may find this blog more interesting.