Review 2107

Written by Codelust, “Meticulously Underthought” is a whirlwind of bold philosophy and passionate keyboard love. Written like a novel, this web log is undeniably the best I’ve ever read. You get a sense that this writer must write professionally — as the design and structure of every single entry is, well, meticulously drawn and executed. I am in awe at the originality and relentlessness that is present in this web log.

Although the blog design is standard and without any tricks or elaborate features, this is considerably overshadowed by the content.

The entries range from the very deep and sophisticated to a simple discussion about ‘the everyday’ leaving readers with multiple flavors of the one taste that is this writer’s vision.

While some of the entries seem too discrete to possibly unravel, these same entries leave much room for interpretation which I find truly admirable and unparalleled in the world of web logs.

To attempt to offer any suggestions would simply reveal my ignorance — as this author has far surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced in my adventures through the usual doldrums that is the blog world.

This web log is simply, ingenious.Meticulously Underthought