Review 1552

My VERY first thought about this website was how beautiful the color combination was. The dark colors complimented each other very well, and it’s a very nice site to look at. The site is very nicely laid out, with an easy to navigate site and has a great look to it.

Both the font size and the font color that is used for the weblog entries could stand to be changed. The font is quite small, and since it’s done in style sheets, I can’t use my browser to increase the size, which is something I found a little frustrating. I don’t like to have my face 2 inches from my monitor to read a weblog.

There’s a brief about-the-author portion along the sidebar of the site, as well as some random art, a tagboard, some character test results, and a few other random current facts about the author.

One dozen entries. That’s all you get with this weblog. Don’t get too attached to reading from this site. After confirming this with the weblog’s author, I found that there were no archives to this site.

There’s not a lot of quality (or quantity, for that matter) to the weblog entries at hand. Basically, the entries consist of very brief narratives on what Steph (the author) may have done that day, or what she’s about to do.

As much as I hate to, I feel like I have to summarize this weblog as that of a typical teenager. If you’re in to that kind of a site and think you might have the same interests as someone that age, then by all means, check this site out.Shadow and Flame

Review 1572

Token Ramblings – I like that title. But what I like even better is the subtitle (?) that appears above the weblog – “you’re getting sexier just reading it…” By the time I was finished, I was prancing around my neighborhood in five inch heels and a strapless evening gown.

Seriously, though, this was a very good weblog all the way around.

The appearance of the site is great. The white text is great on the gray background, the light blue and orange-ish colors go well together, and overall, it’s just a really pleasant site to look at. But don’t look at it for too long, because there’s plenty of weblog entries you’ll want to read. My only complaint about the entire site is that the appearance of the archives is a bit off, but that’s something easily fixed.

There’s an “about the author” section. To take the author’s words right off of his site, “‘tain’t much, but it’s there.” The main page features massive amounts of pictures of Dave’s absolutely precious toddler, Little Miss Caroline.

And, of course, there’s the weblog portion of the site! I don’t know much about the author – his background, education, whatever. But from the way he writes in such a clear and thought out manner, I’ve got him pegged as someone that’s quite intelligent and keeps up on the newsworthy happenings.

Through his entries, you do find out some things about him that are fun to learn. He’s a packrat that’s using the same mouse pad he’s had since 1994. He works in the technical field, often becoming a slave to dying servers. Dave does a great job of supplying intelligent, sarcastic, and often hilarious commentary on various news articles, making entries fun to read.

For those of you at home wondering what the heck “bogosity” is, never fear, because I have a definition. Actually, Dave had a definition linked to his website. Bogosity is the degree to which something is bogus. There’s your FYI of the day.
token ramblings

Review 1547 – I really had no idea what to expect before I clicked on the link to this site.

The author’s animated recount of his evening at the laundry mat, trying to mathematically justify when each washer and dryer should be started, and the most time and cost efficient way to do so was one of my favorite journal entries.

This is certainly a personal weblog. The author spends time, when he has the free time, informing readers about what’s going on in his life – the good and the not so good. He seems to have a friendly way of writing that invites the reader (or at least me) to come back and check on things at

I especially like some of the author’s entertaining outlooks on specific news events. Directly from the website, here’s a quote about Saddam Hussein and the U.S.’s recent ploy to remove him from power: “now, he’s probably not fit to manage his country, let alone a Gap store. but why don’t we get together with him for coffee or dinner and talk about our issues first?” I think if we stick Sputnik in office, we’re going to have a little less bombing and a little more competency in GAP management going on.

I never thought brown would grow on me like it did while reading over the weblog at, but it certainly did. The overall layout is great. I really like the title graphic, which features four different pictures of our author. The site has the whole astronaut theme going on, which you probably could have gathered from the name HelloSputnik. You find the weblog by clicking on “transmissions” on the top graphic, and the archives can be found by clicking on “debris” on the side menu bar. It’s a very clever theme and works well with the site.

There are a few sections that are still “Coming soon”, but I have no doubt they’ll be just as fun to check out as the potential behind Sputnik’s “moodSchmood”, which is the author’s attempt to create a personalized mood tracker.

This is one of those sites that you can add to your daily list of weblogs that you read, and feel like you can really get to know the guy behind the writing.hello sputnik

Review 1543

I’m not entirely sure how “Team Murder” has any relevance to the subject matter at hand of this weblog, but nonetheless, like with any website, I’m sure there’s a method behind the madness of its title.

The layout I like. Sure, it’s just a slightly modified standard Movable Type template, but that’s okay – quite okay. See, with a site that is focusing your attention strictly on content, the less loud and flashy the layout looks, the better.

Reading this site was easy. Sure, I had no clue there were that many types of Linux, and I won’t remember the name of them tomorrow. The author at Team Murder explains things in a non-methodical way, which makes it easy to read AND easy to understand. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s a big factor in finding a good weblog to read on a regular basis. I also like how the author is able to throw in some wit and humor from time to time, as well as get in a good dig about something that’s irritating him without sounding like he’s preaching or complaining.

The “Generic About” section (listed under Internal Affairs) is one of the best explanations of why this site exists that I’ve read in a while. It’s the premature beginning of something that has the potential, especially in the author’s eyes, to be something very big. That’s something worth applauding.

Due simply to the subject this weblog deals with – the up and coming tech geek type of thing – this may not be a weblog for everyone. However, if you’re looking to read personal thoughts and opinions of someone very well versed in today’s technology, make a spot you frequently visit.Team

Review 1540

Even though the weblog at is only a few months old, I can really see it making an impact among other weblogs and websites throughout the World Wide Web. While it does sometimes have the tendency to have the religious/spiritual insight of the day, it also has some of the best commentary and narratives on daily life that I’ve read in a long time.

I think I read one of the most entertaining and realistic experiences of getting four kids dressed for church on a Sunday morning that I could possibly read. I could almost picture all four of the kids, and the expression on each of their faces and the excitement of finally getting the reward of Mountain Dew for getting dressed in their Sunday best.

The site is completely well written. Thoughts about the subject matter at hand or the particular external link that’s given are very clearly explained and put out in an understanding that even the fresh reader (such as myself) can understand without too much problem.

Another pleasing aspect of is the layout. There’s nothing flashy about it, but this is okay. It’s simplistic, but very useful, offering five different search engine-type things for visitors along one side, and a plethora of links to other pertinent religious websites along the other side. primarily deals with different current events that are being showcased in the daily news, and the author gives his own opinionated (but not overly) spin on that subject matter at hand. Also be sure to check out the message boards that are very involved and widely participated in!

As a side note, I am NOT the type of person who enjoys having religion rammed down my throat and ideas of others implanted in my head. I’d rather make my own decisions, draw my own conclusions, and either suffer the consequences or reap the rewards. So, I was preparing myself for the worst when I saw the “Search the Bible” form on the left and a link to on the right. I threw caution to the wind, however, and wanted to proceed with the review to I was VERY pleasantly surprised, and am very glad I “discovered” this