Review 1540

Even though the weblog at is only a few months old, I can really see it making an impact among other weblogs and websites throughout the World Wide Web. While it does sometimes have the tendency to have the religious/spiritual insight of the day, it also has some of the best commentary and narratives on daily life that I’ve read in a long time.

I think I read one of the most entertaining and realistic experiences of getting four kids dressed for church on a Sunday morning that I could possibly read. I could almost picture all four of the kids, and the expression on each of their faces and the excitement of finally getting the reward of Mountain Dew for getting dressed in their Sunday best.

The site is completely well written. Thoughts about the subject matter at hand or the particular external link that’s given are very clearly explained and put out in an understanding that even the fresh reader (such as myself) can understand without too much problem.

Another pleasing aspect of is the layout. There’s nothing flashy about it, but this is okay. It’s simplistic, but very useful, offering five different search engine-type things for visitors along one side, and a plethora of links to other pertinent religious websites along the other side. primarily deals with different current events that are being showcased in the daily news, and the author gives his own opinionated (but not overly) spin on that subject matter at hand. Also be sure to check out the message boards that are very involved and widely participated in!

As a side note, I am NOT the type of person who enjoys having religion rammed down my throat and ideas of others implanted in my head. I’d rather make my own decisions, draw my own conclusions, and either suffer the consequences or reap the rewards. So, I was preparing myself for the worst when I saw the “Search the Bible” form on the left and a link to on the right. I threw caution to the wind, however, and wanted to proceed with the review to I was VERY pleasantly surprised, and am very glad I “discovered” this

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