Review 1545

You know, it doesn’t take very much to create a web log. As a matter of fact, anyone can do it. What really takes a lot of talent, is offering someone something never before seen. Unfortunatly, when it comes to blogging, there’s nothing reall ‘new’ about it. So how do you grab ones attention? Its all about writing style. The way you word things. The structure of your sentence, and last but not least the page layout.

I don’t know why people keep telling me that its not about the layout, its about the content. Whats the first thing you see on a site? You see how its laid out. You see the colors, you see the graphics (if any) and you see the general color scheme. What was the first thing that rushed through my mind when I saw this site? It seems as if almost all blog sites out there, start out with a giant pointless graphic at the top that makes me think ‘Is it worth waiting the download?’ Sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes it is. This time, I don’t know what to think.

This sites got great potential. The writing style is excellent. The punctuation, the grammar is near flawless, the posts actually have a point and are written in a very interesting manner. Unfortunatly, the down side to it is the graphic at the top. Its HUGE! It took me a little while to figure out it was a menu. I crawled my way around the site using the links on the bottom of the page.

The graphic makes for quite some wait time on your part if you’re on dialup. Its very well made, I must admit and if I had the ability to make one of those, I’d show off my talent too. But thats just insane!Crispyhead

Review 1545

The moment I opened Crispyhead, I knew I was in for a unique blogging experience. Normally, I address content first, then design, but in this case, the design really attracted my attention. With a soothing sea-green color scheme and a darkly moody top graphic, I studied the opening page. I wasn’t immediately aware of the blog, which caused some concern, and then I scrolled down and found the first entry.

Content wise, Crispyhead presents the sporadic entries of “Crisp.” I laughed hysterically at Crisp’s snoring incident at a relative’s house, empathizing a great deal with the “return to sender” motif. The remaining entries on the page were well-written and creative, hinting at Crisp’s life and personality. The occasional picture adds further humor to this blog with the equally occasional embedded link; comments are enabled, and the writer is accessible via email.

Following the sea-green color scheme and snazzy logo, the rest of Crisp’s web site includes writing and art samples as well as a bio and FAQ. Occasionally, the graphic is slow to download, even on my cable modem connection, but for the most part, the blog and site were enjoyable and amusing. Loved the Power Puff watch, Crisp! 🙂Crispyhead

Review 1613

There are alot of blogs out there that look very similar and asides from the titles they do not look that different at all. Upon first look, this blog doesn’t seem much of an exception to this rule. However, upon closer inspection you realize that Mark’s Blog is in fact different from the rest of the crowd. Not much, but just enough to make it worth the visit.

This blog stands out as a clear example of a close-up-and-personal log of various happenings on various levels. Simple and straightforward. A singer-songwriter, a nerd, a comedian, a complete wanker, this blogger is all of these separately and at the same time and even more. You need to read inbetween the lines.

Each entry is no longer than a few short and simple sentences. Sharp and witty, sometimes off the wall, but more often than not striking some familiar chord within us all and making us think. They remind me a little of daily proverbs, weird meditations, that kind of thing. Each entry is rounded up nicely with a concluding lesson of the day: “the dangerous snakes are the ones you can’t see” or “email comes, email goes”. These impact the entries in mysterious yet sometimes unclear ways.

While his blog might not offer enough substance for some of the more demanding philosophical readers among us, certainly there are enough links to lead one here and there and all over the place. In that regard this blog offers a good starting point. I recommend going right away to his so-called terrific front-page.

This blog is not extensive, but I have the feeling that though Mark has only just begun, he is on the right road. Hopefully in the future more blog content will arise from where it has been coming from, and this blog will get even better and better as the lessons of the day become long and extensive.Mark’s WebLog

Review 1595

It is the epitome of all reality television sites on the web, or at least one of the many.

Reality World TV is a site that gives you the most up to date scoop on what’s going on in the world of, well reality TV. From the ever so popular MTV’s “The Osbournes,” to CBS’s “Survivor” to the long running “Real World” series, you get the news you need. In addition to the popular reality shows, you’ll read about gossip and rumors about other possible upcoming shows, like the possibility of the Gallagher brothers from the British band Oasis thinking about starting their own show, maybe being “The Gallaghers”?

There are also exclusive interviews from various shows where they do at 10 question interview with former stars. They range from Mike and Melissa from MTV’s “Real World” to Tammy and Gina from CBS’s “Survivor” to some former contestants from NBC’s “Fear” show.

This site will definitely be an interest for those reality show fanatics out there who like to stay on top of the gossip surrounding popular shows. They invite their readers to post their thoughts on their new message board which is already hopping.

I liked the layout, clean and crisp. It’s very easy to get around which is a plus. I also enjoyed that sources were cited which is good for any news/link type site. My only problem with the site is it would be nice to see who’s the brains behind it. Just a little blurb about why they decided to start the site and so on, but the site’s fine without it.

Overall, very nice site.Reality World TV

Review 1160

New link to the actual site:

My first impression of this site was that I really liked the layout. It was unlike any I’d seen before, and I have always respected originality. But unfortunately, that good first impression did not last long.

Under Content, one of the links worked. There was a Javascript error each time I clicked on any of the internal links, so the only method I had of finding out about the author was through the weblog.

There wasn’t much to the weblog at all. There were less than 10 entries, and I’m assuming there’s an archives hiding somewhere, but it wasn’t linked anywhere for me to find.

The 10 entires that ARE there are not to exciting or entertaining to the average reader. I lost count of how many times I read words wah, bah, LMAO, and the likes. Not exactly highly entertaining.lemily