Review 2151

“That song’s not for me” is a young blog (started November 27, 2002) by a “Now I’m 28, agnostic, over the blonde thing, and possess a degree in theatre, so…I’m not sure, really.”

Hosted on Blogspot, the site runs on the simplest possible format, with no extra links or other tidbits supplied. The anonymous blogger sometimes links to other sites / info in her posts and that’s just about it. The writing is average, but it observes correct grammar and syntax, something that is not the case with innumerable bloggers.

What’s the purpose of the blog? Apparently, killing time. Things don’t seem to be working out for this She Blogger:

Losing my job last July made my life very simple.
There’s no reason to get up before noon, so I don’t.
There are many reasons to stay out all night, so I do.
I am free to float gently between aimlessness and debauchery, depression and glee; so I do.

Nothing wrong with all that, but then again it all has to do with what one makes out of daily life.

There isn’t anything substantive to recommend “That song’s not for me.” It has really nothing that could push it to a higher rung from the lower end of “average.” But, at least, it’s clean-cut and simple, a small but appropriate recommendation. One point worth mentioning here is that blogs that young usually have little to offer to a reviewer — unless the blog job is really outstanding and blows everybody’s mind from the word “go.”that song’s not for me