Review 2038

First off I would like to say to everyone out there, not just this blog:
As beautiful as complimentary colours are in the art world, there’s something about them that just doesn’t work on web sites as a text/background combo. It hurts the eyes. Especially if the colour combo includes yellow as the font colour.
With that said, this site, upon initial impression, hurt my eyes. The purple on gold-yellow worked great. Unfortunately the majority of the typing is yellow on purple, which made this site hard to read for long stretches at a time. It’s too bad because there is a lot of writing here. But, I kept on truckin’ and this is what I had to say about our friend Jimmy’s blog.

It’s personal, very personal. To the point that I was bored fairly quickly when reading it. It’s more of a diary than anything else. A little ways into the first entry he started to talk about choice in his life (to get married or not to get married, this is the question), and explained why it was a non-option for him. This was the first interesting thing, because it was something the readers could connect and sympathize with. But then it was back to random things about his day. For me a personal blog is something that needs to be both intimate and personal to the writer (which “You Blockhead” defiantly is), but also have humor, insight or connections to the rest of the world to make it accessible and appealing to readers. Jimmy’s on his way, but just isn’t quite there yet.

He does however post incredibly photographs from time to time, which make this site worth visiting. And he has links to his other writing, such as a novel in progress and poetry, which I checked out and defiantly think you should check out too.

With some work this could be a great, must read blog. So go!go! Jimmy!!
You Blockhead