Review 2115

I really enjoyed reading the blog entries on Ishbadiddle. I found them to be intelligent, insightful and in some cases challenged me to think. Yes really… my room is now has a smoky haze.

The entries jump around and tackle various topics: political, historical, current events, pop culture, etc. few stones are untouched. The upcoming? war with Iraq is a popular blog topic at the moment. There are numerous links to stories supporting the blog entries (to news sources like CNN etc.) so you can get your news fix if you want to. Clearly the author is an avid reader and likes to know what is going on in the world.

Digging a little deeper into the menu you’ll find movie reviews and WTF? (heh, in this case What is That Font) which shows you all the Ishbadiddle title graphics and font names which randomly cycle at the top of the page.

Overall one of the better blogs I’ve read. I highly recommend this site. I felt it was like the “60 Minutes of blogging”. Ishbadiddle is well designed and easy to navigate. This is the first site off TWR I’ve book marked. 🙂 Well done, keep writing.