Review 1416

“Headlessness” greeted with me with a very simple layout; almost as simple as any weblog site can be. One graphic, a few links here and there, the weblog itself all set against one color. One little plus is you can change the skin of the site, so if you want a little color instead of the default white, you can pick another color.

The weblog tends to be geared towards art. After reading the “about” section of the site, art is a subject the writer likes a lot. The main purpose of this site is for the writer to share things he likes which is what you’ll find here. There’s a selection of things posted here ranging from music, to video games, internet sites, and whatever else the he finds interesting.

It’s a pretty straightforward site with archives (currently being uploaded still), links and so on. You won’t really find out a whole lot about the author except maybe through his posts about what his interests are, but I didn’t see any really “personal” posts.

If you enjoy art you might enjoy this site and the links offered in relation to the other subjects. I really didn’t see anything that may really set this site apart from other sites that may post similar things.

I give it a 2.5.headlessness

Review 1343

I really enjoyed Distances-Meet, a dual blog done by a couple that lives across the pond from each other. The design of the site is pleasant and calming, using a simple color scheme and easy toolbars for navigating the site.

One thing I really enjoyed was the section called “The Cast”, which outlined all of the people that Himani and John talk about or deal with in their blog. It was a nice touch to learn about the people in their lives.

Also nice to see was the complete background on their story and pictures of them – and why they share one blog. If this important information hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have been so interested in the blog itself.

In the original review I said: As for content, the link to “Archives” did not work…However, they have since fixed that problem, thus enabling me to up their grade a bit!

The posts themselves (from what I saw) are long and filled with details – which is much better than the one sentence entries a lot of bloggers tend toward.

They provide a link to PayPal and other places because they are trying to save up money to see each other (as mentioned, they don’t live in the same country). Go read their story and see if you feel like dropping them a couple bucks. Setting up such a nice blog proves they just might make it!Distances Meet

Review 1615

Things are flashing. Why are things flashing? That’s my first thought upon entering this site.

I really like the combination of earth-tone type colors that the author uses for this site. Its nearly-camouflage coloring is actual somewhat soothing. The flash used to make everything flash was just slightly on the bothersome side. I like the drop down menu bars at the bottom of the screen. They make for easy navigation, and they all work as they’re supposed to. The different selections throughout the entire site are self-explanatory, and also all worth visiting. But I digress, because this is The Weblog Review not The Weblog Site Design Review.

One of my favorite features of the site was the “song of the week” section. It’s kind of a neat concept that you can hear it directly without having to download it. Of course, if you’re on a slower (read this as anything less than broadband) connection, then it’s not going to be the most convenient way to listen to the song. However, it is a very neat concept.

David’s journal is ever-changing, and what I’m describing as ever-changing is the manner in which he writes. Sometimes, it’s a one-liner updating readers on the current music he’s downloaded, and other times he focuses on the different aspects of trudging through school in a University. His weblog, which he describes as “a vehicle to remember life” certainly has some entertaining and interesting entries to read. David’s writing makes for a casual piece (or many pieces) of reading, and it’s enjoyable that way.

For subjects that require more than just a weblog entry – sometimes reviews or just narratives on a recent event, David has an “insight” section up. His writing on these is much different than that of his weblog. Not different in a bad way, but different in a way that seems as if he’s more meticulous on making sure every last detail of what he’s writing is exactly the way he wants the reader to construe what he or she is reading.

It’s a good weblog. I got past the flashing everywhere right away, and enjoyed my reading.paranoise

Review 1615

I was hoping I would get into this site, but sad to say it wasn’t the blog that got my attention.

The layout for “paranoise” is kinda funky. There’s a bit of some blinking action going on that it becomes distracting, especially the little flashing boxes next to each new post that is written. The last thing I want to see when reading a site in general is blinking things. The title is made with Macromedia and again has flashing little letters, jiggling along the side of the blog which I thought were supposed to lead me to other parts of the site, but they didn’t.

Blog wise … the posts are fairly short; a few sentences everyday. I didn’t get a sense of who this twenty-something male was from Canada. Though I guess it’s good he updates almost everyday, but they’re more like brief updates informing the reader what music he’s listening to, what he did the night before, a few internet links here and there, and so on.

In addition to the blog, there are links to music, other blogs, a weekly song you can listen to and an “insight” section which I found most interesting to read. It had reviews, trips and more which give you more to read than his blog. I wish his blog was more like this.

Overall, this site was mediocre, nothing really too much to rave about. paranoise

Review 1066

Everyone has in their mind, what they think makes a good weblog. The link lists they post are there for a reason, each person has standards. I have them too, and I have to say it has been awhile since one has lived up to them.

Sunshine more than lives up to them.

When you go to Sunshine, you are greeted with a nice simple layout, that features fresh colors and a cute sunshine graphic on the left. It is cheery, and welcoming. On the left is your standard column of links, and information. This is where you learn the author is an Indian woman, who is proud of her heritage. You can also find links to the articles she has written for

All that is just filler, the good stuff is in the posts. Nidhi (it means treasure) really likes to blog, her posts are frequent and with good length. She talks about everything from saving money, to how much she enjoys Harry Potter, and how her weblog has gotten her in touch with people from her past. Her posts are written with an intelligent voice, and she touches on issues in her life such as her family, and religion. She writes about everyday life things, but it doesn’t feel that way, and that folks is the point of a weblog.

It has been a pleasure to meet her (and you really do feel like you meet her when you first visit) and to add her to my own personal bookmark list.Sunshine