Review 1416

“Headlessness” greeted with me with a very simple layout; almost as simple as any weblog site can be. One graphic, a few links here and there, the weblog itself all set against one color. One little plus is you can change the skin of the site, so if you want a little color instead of the default white, you can pick another color.

The weblog tends to be geared towards art. After reading the “about” section of the site, art is a subject the writer likes a lot. The main purpose of this site is for the writer to share things he likes which is what you’ll find here. There’s a selection of things posted here ranging from music, to video games, internet sites, and whatever else the he finds interesting.

It’s a pretty straightforward site with archives (currently being uploaded still), links and so on. You won’t really find out a whole lot about the author except maybe through his posts about what his interests are, but I didn’t see any really “personal” posts.

If you enjoy art you might enjoy this site and the links offered in relation to the other subjects. I really didn’t see anything that may really set this site apart from other sites that may post similar things.

I give it a 2.5.headlessness