Review 2047

This is a pretty flashy site for a blog, and the aesthetic seems odd for a site who’s central premise centers on mysticism. The design is functional and intuitive, but the style didn’t really ‘work’ for me; it’s just sorta like like “whoa, there are monks everywhere.”

The intent of this site is a diary of the various happenings in the author’s life in relation to his philosophical beliefs: a life in the spirit of a philosophy. Krishnamurti’s mysticism was a life-altering find for the author, who is fed up with tradtional organized religion and dogmas of all sorts. The ideas will seem jaded to those familiar with enlightenment philosophy; However, I doubt that’s the intended audience

This blog is directed at unfamiliar, possibly curious people. There isn’t much content. He would be well served by further distilling the views Krishnamurti to his audience. He talks about how great it is, but he really needs to get specific with it in his entries to make the ideas interesting. For a weblog, it is an interesting find, but it really needs to be developed into a more riveting account of a life and a philosophy.

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