Review 1615

Things are flashing. Why are things flashing? That’s my first thought upon entering this site.

I really like the combination of earth-tone type colors that the author uses for this site. Its nearly-camouflage coloring is actual somewhat soothing. The flash used to make everything flash was just slightly on the bothersome side. I like the drop down menu bars at the bottom of the screen. They make for easy navigation, and they all work as they’re supposed to. The different selections throughout the entire site are self-explanatory, and also all worth visiting. But I digress, because this is The Weblog Review not The Weblog Site Design Review.

One of my favorite features of the site was the “song of the week” section. It’s kind of a neat concept that you can hear it directly without having to download it. Of course, if you’re on a slower (read this as anything less than broadband) connection, then it’s not going to be the most convenient way to listen to the song. However, it is a very neat concept.

David’s journal is ever-changing, and what I’m describing as ever-changing is the manner in which he writes. Sometimes, it’s a one-liner updating readers on the current music he’s downloaded, and other times he focuses on the different aspects of trudging through school in a University. His weblog, which he describes as “a vehicle to remember life” certainly has some entertaining and interesting entries to read. David’s writing makes for a casual piece (or many pieces) of reading, and it’s enjoyable that way.

For subjects that require more than just a weblog entry – sometimes reviews or just narratives on a recent event, David has an “insight” section up. His writing on these is much different than that of his weblog. Not different in a bad way, but different in a way that seems as if he’s more meticulous on making sure every last detail of what he’s writing is exactly the way he wants the reader to construe what he or she is reading.

It’s a good weblog. I got past the flashing everywhere right away, and enjoyed my reading.paranoise