Review 1343

I really enjoyed Distances-Meet, a dual blog done by a couple that lives across the pond from each other. The design of the site is pleasant and calming, using a simple color scheme and easy toolbars for navigating the site.

One thing I really enjoyed was the section called “The Cast”, which outlined all of the people that Himani and John talk about or deal with in their blog. It was a nice touch to learn about the people in their lives.

Also nice to see was the complete background on their story and pictures of them – and why they share one blog. If this important information hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have been so interested in the blog itself.

In the original review I said: As for content, the link to “Archives” did not work…However, they have since fixed that problem, thus enabling me to up their grade a bit!

The posts themselves (from what I saw) are long and filled with details – which is much better than the one sentence entries a lot of bloggers tend toward.

They provide a link to PayPal and other places because they are trying to save up money to see each other (as mentioned, they don’t live in the same country). Go read their story and see if you feel like dropping them a couple bucks. Setting up such a nice blog proves they just might make it!Distances Meet