Review 1066

Everyone has in their mind, what they think makes a good weblog. The link lists they post are there for a reason, each person has standards. I have them too, and I have to say it has been awhile since one has lived up to them.

Sunshine more than lives up to them.

When you go to Sunshine, you are greeted with a nice simple layout, that features fresh colors and a cute sunshine graphic on the left. It is cheery, and welcoming. On the left is your standard column of links, and information. This is where you learn the author is an Indian woman, who is proud of her heritage. You can also find links to the articles she has written for

All that is just filler, the good stuff is in the posts. Nidhi (it means treasure) really likes to blog, her posts are frequent and with good length. She talks about everything from saving money, to how much she enjoys Harry Potter, and how her weblog has gotten her in touch with people from her past. Her posts are written with an intelligent voice, and she touches on issues in her life such as her family, and religion. She writes about everyday life things, but it doesn’t feel that way, and that folks is the point of a weblog.

It has been a pleasure to meet her (and you really do feel like you meet her when you first visit) and to add her to my own personal bookmark list.Sunshine