Review 996

Cogito Ergo Sum is a no frills weblog that at first glance appears clean and appealing to the eyes. The site is fully dedicated to the blog and its existence though I have to confess the clouds background gave me a feeling that an old installation of Windows 95 had resurfaced and was trying to battle against my NT operating system! Good-sized fonts made it easy to read for my radiation scorched eyes and a nice set out made it a inviting to read.

The blog itself is nothing different that you wouldn’t find on pretty much any other blog, basically the day-to-day livings of Jenneferre, the owner of the blog. Its intelligently written, which came as a bit of a surprise after reading through several less then spectacular blogs from other sites, and yes, I did find the material somewhat interesting. The thing that I really liked about the site was that it didn’t center around whining, raving or ranting but purely the events of the day and sometimes a bit of reflections to place everything in perspective.

The template of the weblog is good enough, its neat and tidy, and certainly not distracting. I’m not too sure exactly what the point of the [+] sign was next to the author and the date, I clicked it and nothing happened, and clicked some other ones and sometimes all it did was center the current post. Hardly a feature needed. There was no room to add some comments to each post, something that I’m sure Jenneferre may consider adding at some point down the track.

There’s a few other links to friends site, though I found it annoying that it didn’t open a new window when I clicked on them so I had to use my Shift key to ensure Cogito Ergo Sum didn’t get lost behind another site. Again, when writing a blog there HAS to be a small ‘About Me’ section somewhere, if only to say how old and where you’re from. I had to scan through several entries to find out how old she exactly was, which of course makes a different interpretation to the blog. Not having this information at hand was terribly annoying, so again, another thing she may want to keep in mind.

All up I’d say Cogito Ergo Sum gets the thumbs up from me and anyone else in their teenage years or early 20’s. With a few other areas added as I mentioned above to support the weblog I’m sure it would be even more enjoyable to read. I give the site a 3 out of 5. Cogito Ergo Sum