Review 889

When first visiting ‘Play’ you are greeted with a basic layout, hosted by blogspot, with most of the content going down the center of the blog with a few links to the right. Nothing flashy, which is good, and it definatly serves this site well.

I would call ‘Play’ a link blog, and one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen. It promises the wierdest news and coolest links, and does not fall short of meeting that promise. The authors post links to different stories and sites they found with some hilarious commentary about them. Until I visited this site I never saw a house cat as large as watermelon (worth a visit in itself), or would have concieved that there was a website out there dedicated to writing poetry about Leo Dicaprio.

The authors ‘gel’ well together, I actually didn’t notice that it was more than one author until I was halfway through the archives. Their writing is funny and descriptive of each link you are going to be visiting.

All in all, it is a very entertaining, very funny site, definatly worth a visit. I would recommend the I.E. browser, many of the links you will visit will not work without it, and I would not visit this site if you are at work or near young children, some of the links lead you to adult content (a few with audio that begins when the page is loaded).