Review 2049

Rhys is 18 years old. This weblog is the art of Rhys-isms, which according to the author’s definition the art of “rhys-ism” is the ability to say stupid, meaningless things. That is certainly an accurate overall description of the weblog.

Back to the beginning of the site – the weblog begins at the end of the school year in May of 2002. I noticed right away that the author was mainly logging the events of his personal life, and this works fine – if you’re the author or involved directly in his personal life. I had no idea who the people were that he was talking about, but as the weblog continues on, you learn more and more about these people.

The majority of the posts and entries at this weblog deal directly with Rhys’ life – updates on how school and/or work might be going, reviews of recent movies, and also just general information on what Rhys and his friends do from time to time. It’s a very personal weblog.

One of the best features of the site are the games that Rhys has created himself and linked to on the right hand column of links. There are several games available for download.

I don’t like focusing on the design of a site right offhand, because this isn’t the Design Review. However, it’s a difficult when all I can think of is how thrown together and tacky the design looks. It’s a standard Blogger template that’s been tweaked enough just to make room for more images of Rhys’ favorite cartoon characters. While the colors aren’t combination, this site could certainly stand a revamp on the design side of things.

This summer, Rhys made an interesting post to his weblog. An excerpt of it is as follows: “One of the best things about having a blog is the amount of crap you can put on it, compared with a normal site.” How true. While having one’s own blog is an easy way to display whatever you feel like, it doesn’t always warrant a high rating on when getting that particular weblog reviewed.

The Art of Rhys-isms