Review 892

I automatically liked this site when it loaded up. The site is 2 toned with gray on the left and blue on the right and the very familiar shot of MTV’s studios at Time Square in the upper left hand corner to add some other colors. It was also simple and easy to navigate through.

Jason, a New Jersey native has a definite passion for photography. The photos he posts gives the feeling as though you’re hanging out with him as he takes pictures of things that catch his eye which range from photos of people sitting at a local cafe to self-portrait shots in stores.

In addition to posting his personal photos, he also blogs giving not only a journalistic feel, but also letting his readers visually see and read about his life the way he sees it. He posts his daily whereabouts, mingling with other fellow bloggers living in the New York area and even the occasional Friday Five questions that have caught on in the weblog community.

The site also contains a links page to other weblogs and photo related links. He’s also has a section in the works which will contain more photos for viewing.

If you’re into photos and also enjoy reading the occasional blog, this is a site you definitely might want to check out.DIGITALNAP