Review 988

Her name is Melissa Simpson and “random.rationale” is the name of her game. At an age of twenty-two years old, she is attending the University of Idaho and nearing the graduation date pretty darn quickly. Melissa is looking to receive a degree in graphic design. She likes skiing, baking homemade bread and taking bubble baths (interesting combination). Most importantly she is also into Space Ghost. This is definitely a really good start.

Her weblog looks sharp and effective, pleasing mix of colors, splitting the white canvas of the page in two with all elements shifted to the left, interesting and clear with a harmonic use of colors. There is even a small picture of her at the top of each page, making the weblog just that much more personal. This is not one of those flashy weblogs that seem to be infecting the Internet lately. It is sweet and simple, and it works.

Melissa has not been writing for that long (she started in January of this year), so there isn’t that much she has been able to collect yet. You might say that most of her material can easily be covered in one sitting. The weblog is almost entirely personal stuff centered on herself, most of the entries in one way or other dealing with the upcoming stuff leading up to her graduation. Her entries are pretty good, but nothing exceptional. Not extensive, but okay for what she obviously intended the weblog to be for herself which is just to collect her own thoughts for herself. A typical entry goes like this: “i woke up saturday morning after decidedly having a crappy evening before… but i didn’t care anymore. that’s the nice thing about a fresh start to a new day. your perspective looks different in the morning, and your worries (sometimes) appear much smaller than they had before. this was one of those occasions.”

While she has experience in graphic design for multimedia and more traditional themes, this talent is not reflected very well in her weblog. This is a shame as her portfolio of earlier web designs is pretty good. As a busy student, I can understand her main concern is covering the content of the entries, which is good enough. All energy into that fancy graphical stuff is more than likely being used up in busy classes and exams.

This is all right, but do not expect more. It is not philosophy, nor does it provide deep analysis of recent events. Except for her big toe, that is. In the “toe saga continues” we are shown a close-up picture of big toe after stubbing it on an iron lying on the floor. Okay, it is purple and obviously throbbing from the pain. Is this personal or what?

There are alot of other links leading outside of her weblog, and one is tempted to look around the rest of her homepage. Indeed, there is lots of other interesting stuff on her site. But since it is beyond the scope of this review that by definition must be limited to the weblog, I will only mention them here, that they accent her weblog well.

So in the words of Space Ghost, “Greetings all you weblog citizens, Zorak and I invite all you out from coast to coast to check this place out.”random.rationale