Review 2034

Every weblog has a point. Some are more clearly defined than others. This site has a very clear definition. And when the definition is so clear, it makes it easy to write and also easy to read. Indonesian Experience is about a guys experience in Indonesia. Go figure. But it is a very good read to see how someone adapts to a new culture.

But I did have one big complaint with the weblog itself. It just started a week ago and already I am hooked. Every now and then a good site comes along and you are able to see it from the start.

Seriously though, I do have a complaint. The template used is my least favorite template, and it is way over used. I don’t know what everyone’s fascination is about this template, but I just do not like it. It doesn’t seem to improve a site in any way.

This site is deserving of a perfect score regardless of the template used. However, I cannot give a perfect score to a site that is only 1 week old. I look forward to seeing this site grow as I know it will get even better.
indonesian experience

Review 1111

Way down there near the equator you’ll discover in “” a blog coming directly from the heart of an island once belonging to The Netherlands. That’s the same as Holland just in case you didn’t already know it. This means that if you cannot read nor understand the guttural language called Dutch, then you are bound to shake your head and search elsewhere. However, if like me you are an honored member of the fortunate few who can figure out this language called Dutch, then perhaps this might be an interesting stopover. While this blog was originally started in English, the author decided that he could better cater to the real readers by switching over. Go Dutch.

This author is a Dutch male in his twenties who was born and raised in good old Amsterdam. He moved with his parents to Middle America when he was seven, and he eventually ended up residing in the beautiful country of Curacao. Anyone know where that is? He feels lucky to have been able to experience new adventures and considers himself a true “tropenkind” (tropical boy).

Entries here cover the usual topics like: music, films, turning twenty-five, trying to get a passport, the hassles of moving and of course “Dames op Curacao” (women of Curacao).

The design of this site is sweet and simple and adheres to a minimal approach. There is not really that much content yet, but it seems to be growing. Basically the entries are personal accounts of daily events, interesting tid-bits of information for those curious enough to read through the blog.

While I cannot fairly give a high score to this site which has just started, I feel that there is alot of potential. As a so-called working graphical designer for the Internet, to be honest I would have expected more from this site. But give him time.

From one Dutchie to another, all I can say is “heel veel succes en tot de volgende keer.” In the meantime, drop by and see it for

Review 1576

This guy is funny. He’s really, really funny.

I love the way he describes a really bad virus he had early this year. Sure, it doesn’t sound like it would be an enjoyable thing to read about, but Adam makes it entertaining with his narrative describing the virus he had being a threat to even the HIV and Ebola viruses.

And Adam’s take on current events is priceless. He’s apparently not the biggest Dubya supporter on the block, but tastefully belittles Bush when the opportunity is there. Politics and the government’s latest antics seem to be what Adam likes discussing the most, and while that could easily become boring, there’s not a chance of that happening here. The humor that fills Fanatical Apathy isn’t the type that you have to sit and research before you find it funny. It’s very casual, straightforward, easy to understand humor, which just another reason that this weblog should make it to your list of “must sees”.

It would have made me very happy and impressed me even more if there would have been an “about the author” section, or maybe an explanation somewhere of the reasons behind starting a weblog, or just some sort of personal detail/touch to the site. I did go digging through the rest of the site, and found out more details on the author’s career, etc., so that was helpful.

The layout works for the site – it’s easy to navigate and easy to read. Nothing overly flashy, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the quality of this site.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that this guy is “writer/comedian/radio guy”? Perhaps that’s why his weblog is so entertaining.Fanatical

Review 1176

This is an awesome site. At first I was a bit turned off by the layout but then saw this cool game you can play at your local Walmart which seems pretty entertaining for those days when you’re completely bored out of our mind with two other friends.

I didn’t quite understand the site by the blurb on the homepage since the site’s called, “The West Virginia Surf Report” which sounds like a magazine about, well surfing. But this is a magazine that’s been published several times before, but in print. Still I wasn’t too clear about what this site was going to offer me so I did what anyone would do and just went ahead and read it.

From what I gather, the site’s an updated magazine/journal which contains little anecdotes about Jeff Kay, the writer, has experienced or that others have experienced. The stories are not very long, about a paragraph long yet they are really interesting and definitely funny at times. I’d mention some of the stuff he writes, but he does a much better job telling the stories than I would of course. The first one on the homepage was pretty funny about some kids circling him asking him stuff about his bike from Target.

His writing’s short and to the point and quite good. The paragraph long stories work well, however I’m not sure how the magazine style fits in relation to his stories. Either way there’s definitely some good stuff to read which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

I’m definitely going to visit this site regularly.The West Virginia Surf Report!

Review 1119

“Pretentious culture-trawling, heavy-handed political growling, nerd-boy technology, philosophic essays, and general geekery from a bisexual radical feminist geeky white computer nerd boy in Alabama!” Hey, don’t look at me – that is how the author describes his own site! But Charles’s description pretty much covers it all.

Geekery Today is Charles’ attempt at keeping readers abreast at the happenings of current events. He writes very well, and explains his thoughts and ideas in a very intelligent, yet understandable way.

I really like how Charles has archived his entries – much like that of a search engine or bigtime news website. They are all archived by date AND by subject matter. Some of the entries are listed in multiple catagories, which makes for ideal searching.

I learned a lot at Geekery Today, and with the amount of information available at this weblog, I could certainly see it turning into a magazine and hitting newstands everywhere.

Add some brain food to your daily dose of surfing and check this site out.Rad Geek People’s Daily, featuring Geekery Today