Review 1576

This guy is funny. He’s really, really funny.

I love the way he describes a really bad virus he had early this year. Sure, it doesn’t sound like it would be an enjoyable thing to read about, but Adam makes it entertaining with his narrative describing the virus he had being a threat to even the HIV and Ebola viruses.

And Adam’s take on current events is priceless. He’s apparently not the biggest Dubya supporter on the block, but tastefully belittles Bush when the opportunity is there. Politics and the government’s latest antics seem to be what Adam likes discussing the most, and while that could easily become boring, there’s not a chance of that happening here. The humor that fills Fanatical Apathy isn’t the type that you have to sit and research before you find it funny. It’s very casual, straightforward, easy to understand humor, which just another reason that this weblog should make it to your list of “must sees”.

It would have made me very happy and impressed me even more if there would have been an “about the author” section, or maybe an explanation somewhere of the reasons behind starting a weblog, or just some sort of personal detail/touch to the site. I did go digging through the rest of the site, and found out more details on the author’s career, etc., so that was helpful.

The layout works for the site – it’s easy to navigate and easy to read. Nothing overly flashy, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the quality of this site.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that this guy is “writer/comedian/radio guy”? Perhaps that’s why his weblog is so entertaining.Fanatical