Review 1176

This is an awesome site. At first I was a bit turned off by the layout but then saw this cool game you can play at your local Walmart which seems pretty entertaining for those days when you’re completely bored out of our mind with two other friends.

I didn’t quite understand the site by the blurb on the homepage since the site’s called, “The West Virginia Surf Report” which sounds like a magazine about, well surfing. But this is a magazine that’s been published several times before, but in print. Still I wasn’t too clear about what this site was going to offer me so I did what anyone would do and just went ahead and read it.

From what I gather, the site’s an updated magazine/journal which contains little anecdotes about Jeff Kay, the writer, has experienced or that others have experienced. The stories are not very long, about a paragraph long yet they are really interesting and definitely funny at times. I’d mention some of the stuff he writes, but he does a much better job telling the stories than I would of course. The first one on the homepage was pretty funny about some kids circling him asking him stuff about his bike from Target.

His writing’s short and to the point and quite good. The paragraph long stories work well, however I’m not sure how the magazine style fits in relation to his stories. Either way there’s definitely some good stuff to read which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

I’m definitely going to visit this site regularly.The West Virginia Surf Report!