Review 1119

“Pretentious culture-trawling, heavy-handed political growling, nerd-boy technology, philosophic essays, and general geekery from a bisexual radical feminist geeky white computer nerd boy in Alabama!” Hey, don’t look at me – that is how the author describes his own site! But Charles’s description pretty much covers it all.

Geekery Today is Charles’ attempt at keeping readers abreast at the happenings of current events. He writes very well, and explains his thoughts and ideas in a very intelligent, yet understandable way.

I really like how Charles has archived his entries – much like that of a search engine or bigtime news website. They are all archived by date AND by subject matter. Some of the entries are listed in multiple catagories, which makes for ideal searching.

I learned a lot at Geekery Today, and with the amount of information available at this weblog, I could certainly see it turning into a magazine and hitting newstands everywhere.

Add some brain food to your daily dose of surfing and check this site out.Rad Geek People’s Daily, featuring Geekery Today