Review 992

How to describe does one describe the web log? It is hard to get a capture on it. It is a moveable type design with a basic text heavy design. It has a lot of links (links to pictures with commentary, links to other stories, links to other parts of At first, my interest was peaked but as I look further I am wondering where the “meat” is, where the real work is being done. Then I realize that the work is the site – this Drew likes the process of developing a website (taking photographs, writing, etc).

Drew lives in Arkansas and is attending college there as well. As his weblog is really a journal, it reflects his age, temperament, and interests. It is about his life, his photography, his family, his town, etc. The writing strikes me as rather bland but if you share his interests then you might find it more interesting. The pictures are really the focus as the posting is often sparse and irregular.

The weblog itself is well organized and easy to use. The text is clear and the links all seem to function. The site doesn’t seem to reflect much personality, however, being light green and white, with black text. Again, the photography is used to express his personality the rest just seems like a place to surround his pictures. is largely a vanity site from a college student with an interest in photography. If you are a young college student or have a similar interest in photography and design, it might be an interesting site to visit occasionally. It is missing a hook or interesting theme, however, and seemed too sporadic and self-focused to be of strong interest to wide audience. It might work for Drew’s friends and family but it ultimately left me cold.Thisisdrew

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