Review 874

I don’t like giving a five, it suggests that something is perfect and I almost believe that to be impossible. However, for a personal web log, Princess, is truly perfect.

The design is easy on the eyes while making the site comfortable and easily navigated.

Lizzy, an 18 year old virgo, is the center of attention here and so she should be. She has a great way of describing the most simple events in life, i.e. – about 3 entries are devoted to looking for an apartment, and you won’t even notice. This girl could go on and on about anything and I would go right along with her.

In general, I like Lizzy, she’s a good person with lots to say. She seems to see herself as a geek who reads a lot. Regardless, I like that over-readin’ geek with a 147 IQ. She’s funny, she’s witty, and a generally fun person to read about. I’ve added her to my favorites and I look forward to reading about her world in the future.Princess

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