Review 985 hit me as a rather simple, informative and interesting blog, so much to the point where I found myself reading through quite a few entries. I don’t think there’s particularly anything outstanding about this blog, its just well written, nice to navigate through and delivers a no fuss good read.

Why do I think this weblog is so good? Well I had no difficulties reading it, even when odd names popped up I didn’t know, the blog was written so you didn’t have to know who they were, and this is something every author writing a blog should work on. I particularly liked his car post, he went into great detail about his pursuit of a new car, a 2002 Jeep Liberty, and it really did keep me hooked reading about it. Like a well oiled engine, the blog runs smoothly, and you can almost feel this chap has a fair degree of writing talent.

The design of the site is ordinary, but it highlights the blog, it was easy for me to find out who different people were, a self bio, photos and a bit of a background. These are pretty much all the essentials you really ever need in a site, so again I have to say well done. has a load of room for improvement, a few small pictures here and there always help in a blog, and leaving a positive or negative vote I find rather pointless when you have a comments link for each post included. My only remark would be perhaps lack of linkage out of the site, though many people may consider this a good thing, for me it tells me a little about the author.

I’d probably go as far to say I would visit this site again, not often, but definitely now and then just to see how things have progressed. I figure if you do have time on your hands and someone who likes to follow peoples lives religiously on the net then is a good place to start. Its friendly, its inviting, and easy to read.

Overall I gave a 3.5 out of 5. A very interesting read and a pleasure to review.

Sean’s Daily Drivel

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