Review 794

My initial impression of this site was that I liked the design. It’s simple, and got a cute little picture of an old guy wandering through the desert which giving the impression of a lighthearted site, and that’s exactly what it is.

Now, for the log, it was very disappointing. The only log entry I could find was for today. There were no archives, no info on the writer, and very little else. There are some cute articles on the side ranging from taxes in Florida to the dimensions of a bird house and a story about a koi. There’s also a small VB program that he wrote that can be used to count cards if youre playing hearts or spades, or any single deck game.

The design is proof that simplicity can be used for good. A simple white background speckled with white text, and some underlined headers on the left about the links, and a small graphic at the top under the title is all there is, but it’s presented in such a way that it’s pleasant to the eye. After looking all over the internet at overused java scripts, it’s nice to se something simple that works so well.

Overall, I’d love to give this site a better rating, but unfortunately, I just really don’t have much to go on. My suggestion to the author would be to come up with a design that allows for multiple days of writing on the front page. Also, I would add an archive section, along with an “about me” section. I believe that with more examples of your daily writing, you could definitely achieve at least a 4.KindlyRat

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