Review 879

This is such a nice site. It’s just all around a good place to visit. has a design that is very effective for the purpose of the site. It’s nothing fancy at all, but there’s absolutely nothing about it that needs to be changed. Nothing at all.

The author has only been using the site as a weblog for a short time (since mid-January), but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness and enjoyment of all the posts. The posts are easy to read, and easy to understand.

Each post covers things from very entertaining stories of the author’s co-workers to every day life in Thailand. Just as a note, beware of this author if you’re walking the streets of Thailand, he may run you down with his motorcycle because he gets to work quicker when driving on the sidewalks rather than the streets. Or so he says!

I enjoyed this site very much, and have added it to my list of favorites. I highly suggest you do the same, because I really don’t think you’ll be let down.

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