Review 2050

I have to admit that I am a little biased with this site as one of the posters to Punclox used to be a reviewer here at The Weblog Review. With that said, here goes the review.

For some unknown reason, Orange Goblin chose to use orange as the primary color of the site. I don’t know why, but he did; and it fits the theme of the site. The rest of the look of the site is just your standard 3 column layout, with content in the middle.

But moving on to the actual posts we find an array of talented writers: each of whom post about different things. Yes their lives do cross in real life, but they don’t really post about their “crossed” events. Instead, they tend to post random links, funny stories, rumors about one another, and pretty much everything else.

And with any good site there are extras. The people at Punclox have their own way of speaking. They don’t always use common words that normal people would understand. So of course, they have their own little dictionary of words.

I have been following this site since it re-opened on their new host and continue to read it every day. It is worth going back through the archives to read all of the funny stuff they have come up with.