Review 792

Ugh, pink. That was my first reaction when visiting this weblog. Not just pink, but bright pink filled my screen. Unfortunately, bright pink backgrounds are just one of the many hazards of this job.

Even.angels.fall is the consummate teen weblog, complete with the requisite teen angst, and the long list of links to other teen-angst filled weblogs.

There is some depth to the writing, the entries are more than the typical “so and so said this about me, and so I…” Sarahkate does a good job of conveying her emotion through her writing, enveloping you with her world.

Unfortunately, the design with its clashing pink and purple hues is a distraction from this world.

I would like to see more posts from Sarahkate as well. There has been a flurry of posts since the start of the new year, but there was a large gap from August until then.

While I am sure this review will undoubtedly cause even more angst and perhaps further damage her psyche, I am giving even.angels.fall. a 3.0 — mostly because it is so well written..even.angels.fall.

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