Review 778

This weblog is pretty much, just that: a weblog. There aren’t many extras. But in this case, that’s okay. The author’s writing is enough to keep the reader’s attention.

Many of her posts are quite thought-provoking and interesting and cover a variety of topics. She’s also included some of her unique form of poetry in her posts. In the case of most weblogs, I like to read the author’s “about me” page to get a bit of an idea of who the person is. As she says in her list of what you won’t find on her site “personal info (for what?). After spending time at her site, I see her point. Her posts give readers all the insight into her they need.

The layout is attractive, clean and easy to navigate.

All in all, I had a pleasant visit and would recommend this weblog to anyone.:: bumble bumble ::