Review 2106

Being an apparently avid gamer, Libran Ramblings’ owner has chosen a well-suited layout; a beautiful theme of blues. I especially liked the background with it’s tiny dots of soft gentle blue sprinkled in a universe of darker blue.

To readers who cannot begin to comprehend the wonders of RPG games, Libran Ramblings appears to consist of too much, well, ramblings about the woes and joys of the Final Fantasy series and other such games. Fortunately, the blogger does divert her attention to her ‘real’ life, even though she seemingly only does this when she experiences extreme emotions. After an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner, the smiles and laughs are evident in her entry. When she’s hurt, her anger shows through too. To sum it up, the blogger rambles when she feels like it, and when she feels like it, she pours it all out.

Nice layout, not too bad ramblings. This is a site that doesn’t really stand out for the average reader, but which has a few bonuses for game and anime enthusiasts. Recommended if you like either.

Libran Ramblings