Review 775

This is a site that I chose to review, after reading the other review of the site. (See above review). At first, I thought that the reviewer was crazy and was a little extreme about the quality of the site.

However, upon viewing the site, I totally agree with her. There is hardly any content to base a review off of. It is all mindless postings of stupid stuff that seems to revolve around the people who post to the site. A fair number of posts are just one line long with out any real content.

But that is not the worst of it. As I said, there are people, as in plural that post to this site. Why anyone would choose to post to it is beyond me. Bet lets talk about what I found. Other than the useless babble between the authors, I found poop. Literally I found poop. Pictures of poop, talk about poop. Seriously, very few people have a fetish with poop so unless you do, don’t visit this site.

What else did I find at this site? It is full of stuff that any teen who doesn’t get out much, would find to be funny. Pictures of people puking and of course, more poop talk.

Ok, so I finally was able to delve deeper into the site and I found some redeeming posts on the site. But again, it was more of a chat between people that post at the site. And then I found posts even further back that were of no quality what so ever.

If you actually go and visit this site, it is going to be because you cannot quiet believe what I have said and you must see it for yourself. Other than that, I found nothing about the site worth visiting.rapeface