Review 705

When I first looked at Matt’s Security Info Weblog I wasnt sure what to expect , up until now I always thought people used blogs for personal sites.

What you get here is a blog full of Security Information from the latest website security to government security programs such as the CIA’s cat spy program.

I didnt really think Id be very intrested in a site that deals with nothing but security but I actually found quite a lot of interesting posts , mainly the ones about governments and companies. Im not that interested in security programs for my computer or anything.

The blog is updated fairly regularly and there is usually more than two posts a day. The posts themselves range from pharagraphs of text to just links of a recent study or something similar.

The layout is pretty dull and the archives are done weekly so there is a lot of archive links , which looks a bit messy. However the layout doesnt take anything away from the site.

People looking for a personal weblog will be dissapointed as the author only talks about security but in my opinion its definetly worth a look as there is bound to be something to interest you.

Matt’s Security Info Weblog