Review 52

Here is an interesting site. The author, is currently looking for hosting so he has decided to drop the weblog down to one page and no images. That works for me as the page loads really fast.

To make up for it however, there are a lot of dhtml/css tricks all over the place. Also there is a ton of stuff all on one page. I really think it needs a better layout to have all of the stuff that it does to be on one page.

Also, the colors that he is using. I am not a big fan of white, black, and orange combo. I don’t know why, maybe it is because at work I am forced to look at ugly orange stuff. I just don’t like orange that much.

Good news is, the author writes really good stuff. I got caught up in it real quickly and kept reading. Hopefully he will get hosted soon and all the problems will be solved. machete2