Review 674

Clean, slick, and well-organized are terms which accurately describe; and, these words apply equally to layout and content — a rarity, indeed!

The author of is an Israeli university student with an eye for simplicity and a talent for writing. Topics at range from witty and often mature commentary on daily life events, television, and the author’s own poetry and prose. Each day features several entries, some of which are dependent upon each other for clarity. The writing at is tightly constructed and of high quality, with no errors in composition, grammar, or spelling. The author maintains a steady and inviting tone throughout his posts, luring the reader into a carefully constructed cyber-world. offers its readers several worthy diversions aside from the weblog, including a section featuring the author’s fictional works. The author’s personal page is also worth perusal.

Layout and overall design at is delightfully spare and serves to both establish and enhance the personality of the site. While the layout may appear simplistic, there is much to be appreciated in the site’s backend. To note, the site views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1. Readers who favor a professional looking weblog will be quite pleased with’s format. will appeal primarily to Internet savvy 20-somethings, but there is much here to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. is highly rated for the quality and range of its content, as well as its spartan and unique design.