Review 675

Sometimes, there just isn’t much to say about a weblog. Some blogs boast neither lofty content nor striking design, yet they are not so awful as to merit an abundance of negative commentary. There are simply dull. Counting Stars is one of these weblogs.

Counting Stars, the personal weblog of a 20 year old Californian, features short posts about the author’s on and off-line life with a focus on her blogging and Internet activities. The posts are not well-written and are riddled with grammatical errors, as well as errors in standard composition. Some posts are so poorly composed that they are difficult to read, let alone comprehend. To the author’s credit, she does feature a few fun and interesting external links, as well as a working comments system. Unfortunately, none of these additions redeem the substandard quality of her written entries.

The layout of Counting Stars is simple, with a site menu to the reader’s left and posts to the right. However, there is very little design flow and the title graphic is not at all complimentary to the rest of the weblog page. Also, the tone on tone use of fuchsia links on the purple background may make for difficulty in locating the links. A bit of work on graphics and overall design may make the layout of Counting Stars more palatable.

Counting Stars appears to be a fairly new weblog with accessible archives dating back to late October, 2001. It is wholly possible that Counting Stars will evolve into a more substantial weblog and, if changes are made in layout and content is considerably improved, it is recommended that the author submit the site for another review in a few months.

Counting Stars