Review 3218

For a moment I thought I’d stumbled into Myspace, that notoriously clunky template used by the world dominating social networking site. But no, this was your stock blogger blog but with dozens of little touch ups that make the whole site look kind of busy. Some of it is good-busy, but mostly just cluttered. A website is a package, so design is part of the criteria. Vlad says he is 34 in his profile, but his lifestyle seems much younger. He enjoys sports and “hangin wit da boyz” so maybe the design is actually carefully premeditated to attract the myspace crowd.

Thankfully Jay’s personal posts are pretty well to the point. No lengthy agonizing, or introspection. They are usually about sports or odd things he has heard in the news and deemed worthy to grace his pages and make fairly interesting reading if you are into that thing. I’m not really, but even still the odd post is entertaining enough and he has no immediate problems with grammar or spelling which is always a bonus. His witty side-swipes that punctuate the posts are fun too.

I’m really not familiar with the relevance of sport blogging and how it plays against main stream media but then I’ve never really been into it. I guess its one of those things. Vlad certainly is and shows great enthusiasm for the topic, but he also blogs about a wider array of male-orienteted pursuits. The cluttered template distracted me too much. Jay. Blog. is good for a stopover but lacks the power to absorb you or tempt to return.