Review 3220

A bright, vibrant layout welcomed me as I loaded this blog in my browser and from the title, I thought it might be a blog containing the daily gripes of some random teenage girl. To my delight, I was wrong. My eyes were completely caught off-guard by the bright enthusiastic colors, which was a welcome sight after seeing so many dreary colors on other blogs.

Upon reading the entries, I found myself getting very focused on what the author wrote. By the time I finished reading, I felt as if I had spoken to an old friend and learned quite a lot about her. I believe Minerva puts a lot of emotion into her writing, which is evident by the posts that I read. It appears as though she intentionally writes the posts as if she’s speaking to a friend, not an unknown reader.

The design of this blog speaks well for itself. The layout is composed of bright colors, which are easy on the eye with a “retro” feel that can be seen in the graphics and background. The great thing about this design is that anything can be posted over it. I mean, Minerva could probably call her readers every name in the book and the reader would still feel like they were complimented when they depart from the blog.

This blog features a “tag board” for easy commenting and cancer resources. The cancer resources serve as a special feature because it’s obviously close to Minerva’s heart as she talks about living with breast cancer in many of her posts. Overall, Minerva has a very “matter-of-fact” writing style, which I enjoyed and I would definitely recommend her blog to anyone. Great read!NULL