Review 3209

Online confession sites are not new, is one of the more popular examples, however the fact that “The Stories You Cannot Tell” is a more verbose blog format is refreshing. It allows the people who submit their stories anonymously to stretch out and really tell the story properly.

The idea is sound, the users are there, and the stories are typically magnetic no matter how badly they are usually written so its really quite annoying to see the font size at 50 or whatever it is, which makes me feel like I’m reading a kids book and means I have to scroll constantly. The color scheme isn’t terrible, but the overall design leaves something to be desired. I don’t think it would take much, just a better attempt at the CSS, a nicer font in a much much smaller size. At least it would allow for longer stories too.

I had a chuckle after reading about one guy getting an “under-the-table” hand job from his girlfriends step mother which was immediately followed by an advertisement for “Sweet MILF Action”. Very tactful. The ads divide every story and are also in this incredibly huge font.

Then I realized that maybe the site is not showing up right in my browser, so I fired up IE and sure enough the font is normal, but the entire site is in the left hand sidebar! Hmm.. I think there are some serious CSS template issues to fix here which is a shame because the stories are intriguing and the comments are often obnoxious and sometimes helpful. An interesting little experiment that could do with some house cleaning. NULL